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I have some awesome new content at the Emporium Of Wonders. :D

I did a article on a local shop called Ka-Pow Comics. And interviewed the owner.



It's a awesome shop and he's a awesome man.

Please, check out my article and interview. :)
So the joke that is The 100 crept onto freeview.
Eugh! Exactly as bad as I thought it would be!

It combines the worst of post apocolyptic stuff and general bad media awfulness.

non entertainment friendly darkness
zero talent in ANYTHING!
too young bimbo actors who could'nt act if their lives depended on it
absolutely appalling writing
barely and or no story
far too young leads stupidity

There was a point that was clearly something the useless lead had practiced over and over, but could'nt get.
She looked at the camera, and in a very am dram way said
'We're not alone!'

This girl cannot act, at all. Obviously they had to force the cliched tagline out of her for trailers.

The writing is beyond a joke.
It has everything happening for no reason.
It's  one disconnected scene after another.
They go from stupid space station, to some stuff that would make people in the the world of warhammer say WTF?!
Then the space  capsule crashes.
Then in the next scene, they went from, oh look we are alive!, to dancing round a bonfire, and doing cliched post apocolytic rebel shit.
No lead up. Just, crash, rebel.

What kind of idiots would send 100 TEENAGERS to act as scouts?! TEENAGERS! THAT THEY HAD LOCKED UP AND WERE GOING TO KILL!
Because 100 angry teenagers you were going to kill are soo going to help your insane ass, NOT!

It's a very cynical attempt at combining the hunger games and some atrocious attempts at post apocolyptic world.

Vapid bland bimbos wandering round saying atrocious lines, with zero talent. Including a bimbo going swimming and nearly dying.

And  OF COURSE  they don't think any humans survived! Despite, you know, vaults, and aurthorites having secret bunkers.
Metro stations.
And those outside getting mutated.
Because they think no one ever saw anything post apocolyptic  before.

These are people so stupid, they don't give the bimbos geiger counters. Seriously.
There, criminals who so ar'nt going to turn on us, go the the possiblely radioactive planet. With no way to tell if it's radioactive.
It's not like it would help to know if it WAS  radioactive, or anything. You know, for the purposes of us landing there.
How about putting geiger counters, in the fucking bracelets you forced them to wear!

It does'nt even have rad mutants everywere to liven it up.
It has one two faced deer. And a river snake. That's it.

It makes no sense at all to kill every single person over 18 who commits a crime. You'd have depopulated the space station if you did that.
And how is he going to save humanity, if he kills everyone? Cloning?

The music, holy shit!
That music is some of the feeblest, most emo, sickening, music, ever.
The heaviest thing in it was Imagine Dragons, Radioactive. And they ar'nt exactly death metal.
In a suspiciously accurate music trope.

They amateurishly insert the feeblest emo crap possible.

It really was too much to hope a post apocolyptic show could be good. The closest anythings come is Jericho. And that got boring.

Minus 1000 for this crap.
While working on my website, I realised I had to bone up on copyright law. fast.

Consequently, my website got a complete overhaul.

I did'nt do anything illigal. It was to do with what links can you post in articles.

I can't post illigal streaming links or youtube channels that are not legal.
I can post legal youtube channels. And legal videos that make money, when I get permission.

So, I'm waiting for responses from cinemasins and screen junkies, so far.
And I've got to get permission to post fanwork.

I can't get the email to work on one article I want to use. 

I told Teslathrone I'd redone the article, to make sure they were ok with it.
I made them featured band before, with their permission.

They were happy with it.

As to the legal stuff.
I think I have to only say legal things when it comes to  the website, as the owner and writer.
But outside, I'm probabely ok with mentioning not quite legal streaming.


Contains Spoilers

On youtube, via PS3

I decided to watch RoboCop The Animated Series on youtube. 
But much faff and swearing happened before I got to it.

I and my husband got upset stomaches from some chocolate. And after I felt bad. I was shaky as hell the day after, too.

Consequently, I did'nt feel like sitting on the computer chair to watch it one the desktop.
Decided to use the PS3.
Had to sign the bleeding psn agreement again. Tried and failed to get signed into youtube.

Much swearing and faff later, I watched 4 episodes.

I did'nt see it in the 80s, because CITV and BBC were crap at running good cartoons and programmes, sometimes.
They could'nt even be bothered to run the G1 transformers to the end.

Though I would'nt complain about them too much. They're smart enough now, to not buy the pathetic, boring, bilge, Supernaturel has turned into.

Awesome series. Beautiful animation. More futuristic than the live action versions. With diferent designs for most things.
And RoboCop looks more cybernetic and more convincing. His feet have 2 claws. And look a bit like the not as expensive serif cyberlegs or other brand cyberlegs, in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The ones with 2 claws as opposed to being feetlike.
No ford taurus', lol.

You get the feeling that Anne Lewis was originally meant to be massively sweary. But instead of swearing, she uses sometimes odd replacements.

There are some errors in colour. But the animations good quality. 

It reminds me of transformers, a bit.

Some of it is Deus Ex: Human Revolution like.
Dr Macnamara has banger-like bolt on glass' and cybernetic arms. 

Clarence Bonddicker and his gang are the least likely villains you'd expect to show up in a cartoon. They're in the intro of them all.

The bullet proof vest don't seem very good for the police. They only cover the front and back.
SWAT have big ones with high collars.

The odd swearwords replacements is amusing.
Though WTH 
'Dr Tyler, that's a load of red cabbage!'
is supposed to be, I don't know.
Swearword replacements usually are phonetically similer to the real thing. Like firetruck for f**k.

So it's for children. But it being robocop, it's dark and it is heavily satirical.
Also, it's a 80s cartoon, and they were all a lot darker than 90s and later.
There's a episode of transformers were starscream threatens to kill some people, and he means it and nearly does it.

The Deathspore reminded me of MD Geist Deathforce. Of the Deathforce, but it's a organic energy leech.

That's a experiment that was always going to end badly.
It's really bad when the chairman of OCP says kill the experiment.

Robocop takes a lot of hits in it. 
The Scrambler episode was seriously harsh on RoboCop.

The part were the ED216 goes insane is darkly funny.

Hedgecock is working his way up to being a villain from the start. And he's a nasty one.

The Vandals have a cyberdog. Which is fallout like.

For a 80s cartoon, it does'nt look very 80s. Sometimes it shows more.
Though the large radios, etc are a bit telling.
Mostly it's completely futuristic. Which is good.

The anti robot people are odd. They look a bit like robots themselves, though it's cloth and medival styling.
The emblem looks amusingly like the emblem for microsoft and the xbox.



Tranformers Rescue Bots

A few episode in I got into it. It's good.
Better than Transformers Prime, anyway. I could'nt get through the second episode with that.

That there is no optimus prime stinking it up, beyond the intro and maybe guest appearances, is a vast improvement.

I like Blades best. He's funny and sweet.

The intro is a bit judgemental, though.
It's normal lyrics, then it really emphasises 'LEARN THEIR RESPECT!'

WTH? Are they criminals or something? Do they constantly offend every single being they meet or something?
Did they send them away for constantly disrupting relations with allies or something?

The episode with the undersea mobile lab was disturbing to me.
Especially when she would'nt leave it. That was sad.

My Little Pony 

My little pony finally crept onto freeview. 
I seriously don't see why people laud this so much.
The whole, it's soo adult too, thing. It's for adults and children and it's soo deep and clever! 
No it is'nt.
It's a typical childrens cartoon anyone can watch. A pretty crap one sometimes, at that.
We ar'nt talking huntik series 1, thats for sure.

They have pinky pie in it WAYYY too much!

Seriously, the other characters are all much better than that helium voiced, cretinous, pointless, useless, waste of time!
She does'nt make any sense or serve any purpose in story, even.

The others are all for a reason. Her, her cutie mark and power is parties.
That is zero use to anyone.

It's already hit decay. They introduced children characters. Always a sign it's decaying.

Care Bears( new one)

Care bears got a reboot, but no one noticed in the flurry of brony jizz.

It's ok. It appears to have dodged to horrors that the freak fans inflicted on MLP.
I've never seen anything get carebearised. Thank goodness. While very few things are MLP proof.
The only things I have seen so far, that are 99% MLP proof, are RoboCop and Warhammer.

It has less freakiness associated with it. And it follows a decent story.
Shocking. You could show it a child, and be relatively safe in the knowledge that a supervised websearch would give child friendly things.
And the carebears all appear to be useful.
Though what a grumpy but nice really, bear, is doing there, is beyond me. He is'nt out of place, but he's odd, in a pile up of soppy ones.
Hmm, his grumpy personality speaks to me, lol.


On youtube

RoboCop: Prime Directives

I decided to watch the fan edit.
I was feeling unmotivated, grumpy, and bitter. I figured it was nihalistic enough for my mood.
I was'nt in the mood for something light and happy.
It was that or find the first episode of Sofia The First. And that would have just annoyed me, the mood I was in.

It is all there. It's 3hours and a bit long.
If it was all there entirely, it would be 6 hours long. But it's ok.

Maybe it's a edited tv version put together, with the intro and credits cut off.

It's awesome. It is definately better than the second and third cinema films.

Page Fletcher(Alex Murphy/RoboCop) looks really like Rutger Hauer. Very good actor. Handsome.
John T Cable/ RoboCable, is a total badass. Very awesome. Very good actor. He looks like he's trying to out cool everyone with his moustache and cigar, alone, lol.
All the actors are good in it.
I vaguely remember the man who played Lowe from somewere.

I wish I'd got the dvd I saw now. Well, I'll get it if I see it again.

It is well written. And very dark. More grimdark and violent than other series, etc.
It get's gory and violent at the end. When RoboCable gets revenge on a enemy with a gun, then a sledgehammer.
And the cannibal murderer, holy crap!

Bone Machine looks like he'd be interesting, but he's not as good as he seems. Cool villain, though. He is very nasty.
And he was nasty before. Since he gets carved up by Alexs data spike.

It's sadder than other versions. With more backstory to Alexs life before dying, and for everyone.
Some of it is very sad. 
Thats some good hiding out there. 
The clothslining a thief, lol.

The super powered tech thieves were interesting.
Though for people who would face bullets daily, their outfits were not always practical.

The bear looks creepy enough on it's own, without being a virus carrier.
Kaydick is a nasty villain. That's a nasty virus.

What Sara Cable does is seriously nasty. When it seems she can't get worse, she does.

It's very good that Alex and James Murphy find each other again. 

And it is good that Jordan goes to live with the scientist, Edward,. It's sad her mother dies.
It's sad John Cable dies.

RoboCable looks like the new RoboCop, in a few ways. 
His name does sound a bit like some kind of cable, though, lol.

The end should have been better, though. It's ok, and the credits explain it. But they should have showed Alex, James', Jordans, Edwards, new lives more.
Not the silly tv host.

Same problem as the new film, really. But a bit worse.

I have some new articles on my website, the emporium of wonders. :)

The EoW Entertainment Report.
My own, sweary, take on whats going on in entertainment.…

The revamped article for Teslathrone…

My policy on swearing and adult content…

The Featured Artist, Phillip Messina…

RoboCop 2014 dvd reviw…

I am working on the first of the Archives. Articles , sometimes roleplayed, that have everything to do with a subject.
The first one is
The EoW RoboCop Archive.

I have also gone through my website and cleared up some things in the articles.

Please, check out my website and comment, if you want.
Percy Under Table by Viviax
Percy Under Table
My friends house rabbit, Percy. He sat under the table some of the time. It's his den. :)
I have some awesome new content at the Emporium Of Wonders. :D

I did a article on a local shop called Ka-Pow Comics. And interviewed the owner.



It's a awesome shop and he's a awesome man.

Please, check out my article and interview. :)


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